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“Affiliate marketing has made businesses millions and regular individuals millionaires,” is among the most popular affiliate marketing quotes by Bo Bennet. Conceived initially by William J. Tobin in 1989, the idea of affiliate marketing grew in 1996 when Amazon Associates, BeFree, and LinkShare produced some major successes.The idea of passive income stuck, and today affiliate marketing is amongst the most popular tactics to drive sales and create earnings. Beneficial for both brands and affiliates, this technique presses the limits of traditional marketing, offering a brand-new, hassle-free, and economical frontier.Check out the affiliate marketing stats listed below

if you’re interested in finding out more about the principle of this special kind of marketing.Affiliate Marketing Facts & Statistics(Editors Select )ShareASale holds 55.7%of the marketplace share.Affiliate marketers choose to promote 1– 10 products.Fashion is the most popular affiliate marketing classification.81% of online marketers and 84%of

  • publishers utilize the power of affiliate marketing.More than 50 %of affiliate-referred traffic originates from mobile devices.Groupon is among the most successful companies built on affiliate commissions.Almost half of affiliate marketers earn less than $20,000 a year.Jason Stone made$7 million
  • in affiliate marketing revenue in a single year.Affiliate Marketing Stats 2021 1. 15%of the total digital media advertising profits is credited to affiliate marketing.The concept of affiliate marketing has been around for a very long time, but as the web has actually become a growing number of available in the last few years, affiliate marketing rose to

    prominence, and the affiliate software application market

    is blooming. While publishers are still creating the majority of their revenue from marketing, affiliate

    marketing is growing fast. Today it accounts for 15 %of the digital media industry’s earnings.(Company Insider )2. Yearly affiliate marketing costs is predicted to hit the $6.8 billion mark.The affiliate marketing market statistics show steady growth. In fact, the United States affiliate marketing costs increases every year by 10.1% and it’s expected to reach$6.8 billion by 2020.(Digital Global )3. 81%of marketers and 84%of publishers utilize the power of affiliate marketing.Affiliate marketing is among the most popular tactics for digital online marketers to capture customers’attention and engage with existing clients, therefore driving sales and creating profits. The fact that 81 %of brands and 84%of publishers have already adopted this strategy stresses the indisputable affiliate marketing development.

    (Web Market Assistance)4. In less than a year, the search interest for”affiliate marketing”grew by 44 %.

    The interest in affiliate marketing doesn’t stop. Just in between December 2017 and June 2018, searches for the term”affiliate marketing”saw this outstanding increase. (Google Trends )5. Driving conversions and increasing purchases are the two primary objectives for 79%of marketers.Advertising professionals turn to the affiliate industry to increase their conversion rates and improve online purchases. In addition, 83%of them utilize it to increase brand awareness, and 79%of them use it to engage existing consumers.

    (Rakuten)6. Male affiliates control the affiliate marketing scene.It appears that the idea of passive earnings brings in men more than ladies. Presently, there are 54.23 %male and 42.97%female affiliates.(Leading 10 Site Hosting)7. Fashion is the most popular affiliate marketing category.AM Navigator’s affiliate marketing market report exposed

    that style is the niche with the greatest variety of affiliate programs– it accounts for 18.7 %of the overall share. The sports and outdoors category comes in second with 14.6%, followed by health/wellness and charm at 11.1%,

    and travel

    at 8.6 %.(AM Navigator)8. Affiliate programs generate 15

    %– 30 %of all sales for advertisers.Affiliate marketing is a fast-growing market. Today, merchants see approximately 23%of their revenues

    coming from affiliate marketing

    , which is on par with SEO and Pay Per Click marketing.

    (Authority Hacker)9. ShareASale holds 55.7%of the marketplace share.ShareASale is the preferred affiliate network for marketers, holding first place for the industry’s market share. Next on the list of the largest affiliate networks come Rakuten LinkShare, Avangate, and Ebay Network, with 40.64%, 31.08%,

    and 30.32%, respectively. (Datanyze )10. Awin affiliates made over$ 700 million last year.Awin, the worldwide affiliate network that got ShareASale, dispersed$734 million among more than 100000 factors in 2018. (Awin)11. Affiliate marketers prefer to promote 1– 10 products.Affiliate marketing data show that the majority of affiliate online marketers(42.17

    %of them)prefer to promote in between 1– 10 items.

    23.18%of them like to promote 11– 20 products, while 14.19 %would promote 21– 50 items. Just 7.53 %of affiliate online marketers like to promote over 300 items.(Entrepreneur)12. 76%of publishers feel the ease of generating income from is the best advantage of affiliate marketing.Many publishers pick affiliate marketing as a form of passive income. The majority of them feel that the ease of producing affiliate

    marketing revenue is the greatest benefit behind this scheme. Additionally, 65%of them stated that it creates extra profits, and 45% like affiliate marketing due to the fact that it doesn’t interfere with the user experience.(iAffiliate Management)13. More than 50%of affiliate-referred traffic comes from mobile devices.The expansion of mobile phones is changing the marketing landscape, opening more possibilities for brand names to reach potential consumers. To put these affiliate marketing stats into even much better perspective, bear in mind that there are over 2 billion mobile phone users worldwide. This means mobile traffic is more financially rewarding than ever. This trend brought about the increase of mobile affiliate

    marketing, which includes the procedure of utilizing deals and tactics developed specifically for mobile users. (Awin )14. Affiliate partnerships drive more than 20%of the yearly profits for publishers, according to the current affiliate marketing statistics.Thanks to affiliate networks, the accessibility and adoption of affiliate programs have actually boomed. This pattern delivers excellent worth for publishers, and we can only anticipate affiliate

    marketing to take a more considerable part of the marketing campaigns and spending plans in the future.( )15. Rakuten’s acquisition of Ebates for$1 billion marked a significant quantity spent for an affiliate.Back in 2014, Rakuten paid$1 billion in money for Ebates. With the acquisition, Japan’s biggest e-commerce firm gained entry into the growing US market, and Ebates became the highest-paid affiliate network.(TechCrunch) 16. Groupon is one of the most successful business built on affiliate commissions.If you’re asking yourself, Is affiliate marketing worth it? simply take a look at Groupon. Till late 2009, Groupon was considered a failure

    . Then a magic turnaround occurred when the e-commerce marketplace leveraged the power of affiliates. Groupon went from being

    broke to ending up being a powerhouse with the largest IPO by a web business considering that Google. Groupon put its concentrate on producing relationships straight with its affiliates. (Quick Grow)17. For 18.15%of online marketers, the significance of the product or service is the most essential element when choosing a program.According to the AffStat

    2016 Affiliate

    Marketing Benchmarks, the product and services’s importance is the top issue for numerous marketers

    when picking a program. 2 more top elements are the affiliate program’s track record, for 15.97 %of marketers, and the affiliate network or tracking platform, for 11.58%.(AffStat) 18. Because 2017, Amazon provides developers rates varying from

    1%to 10%of product revenue.Amazon Associates, among the most popular affiliate programs, chose to determine the commissions by classification, not by the number of products sold, providing the opportunity for affiliates to increase their income based upon the vertical they’re selling on. For instance, developers earn approximately a 10%commission for promoting high-end items, and just 1%commission for promoting video games.( )19. Nearly half of affiliate marketers make less than $20,000 a year.Probably the most often asked question is, Just how much do affiliate online marketers make? To begin with, we would like to point out that only 3.2% of affiliate online marketers make over$ 150000 per year. Most of them, at 48.36%, make less than$20,000.

    (Job2Joy) 20. 35 %of affiliates make over$20,000. Many people interested in the affiliate marketing market question what the affiliate marketing average income is. While most of affiliates make up to$ 20,000 on a yearly basis, there is still a large part of affiliates that go beyond this mark. Out of the 35%of affiliates who make more than $20,000 per year, 12%make over$ 75,000 in affiliate income. Not bad at all!(Ink Well Editorial)21. The top affiliate online marketers are understood to make six figures from the business.There are a wide variety of affiliate marketers, but a few of them actually stick out. They are people who have invested a great deal of effort and time to specify where they make a living out of affiliate marketing and are genuine stars in the industry. Pat Flynn, John Chow, Rae Hoffman, Mark Ling, Kristy Mccubbin, and Shawn Collins

    are some of

    the names you ought to follow to be effective.(Bloggers Concepts )22.

    Jason Stone made$7 million in affiliate marketing profits in a single year.When we speak about successful affiliate marketers, Jason Stone, better referred to as @millionare_mentor, initially enters your mind. The Instagram star has managed to produce $7 million in retail sales through affiliate marketing. He shared

    that the secret behind his success was to always select campaigns that fit your brand and your audience’s interests.(Business Owner )23. AI and voice search are amongst the greatest affiliate marketing trends.Content stays a vital part of affiliate marketing, and we will see the indirect discounting that takes place through affiliates increase. Still, the significant game-changers will be AI and voice search. The intuitive innovation reduces the course for marketers, making it a lot more efficient.(Business Owner)

  • Why Choose Affiliate Marketing?Affiliate marketing is a cost-effective option that allows you to acquire income by

    promoting other people’s services and products. This process is usually done through an affiliate network. Most significantly, it’s substantially less time-consuming when compared to most other marketing methods, and it allows you to enhance your income from the comfort of your own home.As a lot of affiliate marketing statistics have revealed, merchants participating in affiliate programs see more opportunities to break into brand-new markets and increase traffic quick. Probably the greatest advantage of them all is that affiliate marketing is performance based, so you will not pay a cent unless the wanted action has taken place.See? It’s a win-win. On top of this long list of benefits, when you include those affiliate marketing stats, you can see why the future of this market is so bright. Source