What Are the Two Types of Towing?

Depending on the vehicle, there are two main types of towing. Light-duty towing is typically used to tow smaller vehicles, while medium-duty towing is used for larger vehicles and commercial vehicles.

What Are the Two Types of Towing?

Both types of towing require specialized equipment to operate, so it is important to choose a company with the right equipment. In some cases, a towing service may have several different types of trucks on hand.

What Are the Two Types of Towing?

If you are in need of towing services, look for a company that is licensed and has a good reputation among its clients for truck towing near me. These services should be able to communicate with you through mobile radio or text message.

If your car is out of commission, you may need a towing service. These services have trained operators who can load your car or SUV into a truck. They can also help you with emergency situations, such as an accident or a stranded car. They can also take your car to a repair shop.

The two main types of towing trucks are flatbed towing and wheel lift towing. Flatbed towing is considered the fastest and most secure type of towing. It is usually the preferred method of towing cars but can be used to tow other vehicles as well.

Wheel lift towing is a safer and simpler method of towing. It involves attaching the front wheels of your vehicle to a special yolk-type device. It is also used for vehicles that are trapped in ditches.

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