What is an Example of Live Streaming?

The answer to this question can be found in a simple process behind the scenes. First, raw video data (visual information captured by a camera) is segmented and compressed into segments sent out to live streaming services and CDNs. These streams are then protected against piracy using Digital Rights Management and Content Protection Technologies.

What is an example of live streaming?

For instance, when Alice is filming a live stream saying, “Hello, world!” her smartphone will encode and compress that small segment of her kitchen wall into an image sent to the app’s CDN server. This little segment is what Bob, a live stream viewer with a smartphone, needs to watch the video.

Once this first segment has been delivered, it is packaged into a compressed and encoded file that any internet-connected device can play Live Streaming Sydney. This file is then sent to another CDN server to give to the live-stream viewer.

Live streaming is becoming an inevitable part of social media marketing as it offers a variety of ways to deliver content to the audience in real time. From Q&A sessions to tutorials, brands use it for many different purposes.

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