What Is A Bostonian Door?

If you’ve never heard of a Bostonian door, it is a popular 6-panel woodgrain design. This door features a range of glazing options and bold panel detail, which gives it prominence in the room. These doors are available in pairs, bi-fold, and in fire-resistant versions.

6-panel design

The 6-panel design on a Bostonian entry door is a timeless choice for any home. This traditional design features a woodgrain finish that complements many home industrial swing gate. This entry door has multiple fire door options and a middleweight or heavyweight core.

What Is A Bostonian Door?

The JELD-WEN Bostonian range combines a traditional look with modern features. The six-panel design gives the door an authentic Victorian feel, creating a sense of period authenticity in your home. These doors also look great with other period features and antique pieces of internal barn door. They can also be installed in a contemporary home where the style is less prominent, such as a minimalist one.

The six-panel design also provides for cross rail and coat hooks. Designed to divide vertically, the six-panel design reduces panel board width. Many believe Christianity inspired the original six-panel design since the bottom panels represent an open bible, and the middle rail and stile represent a cross. The six-panel design also became popular due to its strength.

30 minutes of fire resistance

The Bostonian door is an excellent choice if you’re trying to provide fire safety in your home. This door is made of sustainable timber and offers 30 minutes of fire resistance when closed. Its clean, minimalist look makes it ideal for bedrooms and bathrooms. It comes in a classic white woodgrain finish and can be decorated to match any room.

Fire-resistant doors must be tested to meet the requirements of the International Building Code. Many testing agencies in the United States provide certification for fire doors. A few of the best-known testing companies are UL, Intertek Testing Services, and QAI Laboratories. These companies use standardized test procedures to ensure the quality of their products is up to standard.

Fire doors are usually constructed with a solid timber frame and are covered with fire-resistant glass. Typically, the glass is 30 minutes thick and can withstand up to 15,000 degrees Fahrenheit. They should also have intumescent seals to prevent flames from spreading through the gap between the door and the frame.

Woodgrain finish

The Bostonian door is an ideal choice for homeowners who want a traditional style with a modern twist. Its six panels and deep bordering provide a stylish finish that is perfect for any home. This style is available in white and comes with a woodgrain finish. The door also comes with a ten-year warranty against manufacturing defects.

The doors are available in a variety of wood species. They are sustainably sourced and produced with superior craftsmanship. They are also available with 23 different glass options. Glass options include Clear Single Glazed, a single pane of tempered glass. Another option is Insulated Low E glass, which is insulated and reflects radiant heat.

Whether you want to update your home’s look or create a new wardrobe door system, the Jeld-Wen Bostonian 6 Panel Door is a great choice. It comes in various weights and is also available with a fire door option. This is a popular choice for homeowners looking for a traditional, modern style.

White finish

The Bostonian door is an excellent addition to any home. Its six panels and deep borders offer a traditional look with a contemporary twist. This door can be installed in any room and is painted white. It comes with hardware and a ten-year manufacturing defect warranty.

This solid core door from Jeld-Wen comes in a wide selection of styles. The Bostonian is available in six-panel designs and a white finish. It is also available with a fire door option. It is easy to install and coordinates well with other Jeld-Wen products.

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