What’s Another Name For a Handyman?

The term “handyman” is often referred to in different ways. Other names for a handyman include labourer, maintenance technician, and fixer. It can be difficult to determine exactly what these professions entail. There are over 90 different synonyms for “handyman.”


A handyman is a person with trade skills, especially in maintenance and repair work. These workers can help individuals and companies with maintenance and repair tasks. They can even work as independent contractors, but their job description is not limited to repair work. A handyman is often referred to as a “fixer,” and he or she can also be called a “fixer-upper.”

What's Another Name For a Handyman?

Handymen can perform various tasks, including installing, repairing, and maintaining appliances despite their names Handyman Rockford IL handyman services. While some handymen have specialized training, most are jacks of all trades.


A handyman is a general term for a person who can do many tasks around the house. These tasks range from fixing a clogged drain to repairing a broken window screen. Handy people can advertise their services to make money, and others can hire them for specific tasks. Handymen can be either men or women. Some handypeople specialize in specific areas, but others are generalists who can do many different things.

Handymen are also known as repairmen, handypersons, and handy workers. Their duties include maintenance, interior and exterior repair, and trade skills. Some of the work they do is considered “odd jobs.”


Another name for a handyman is a labourer, and this term covers a wide range of work. This category includes anyone who does carpentry, plumbing, or other maintenance work. While a labourer may be a good description for a handyman working for another person, it may not be the best option for someone self-employed.

There are many jobs for handymen, and some may specialize in one or more of them. Handymen may work for homeowners, performing general maintenance on request. Some may perform repairs and installations to kitchen appliances, windows, roofs, and doors. Others may work for organizations or offices. Many handymen also work in educational institutions.

Maintenance Technician

A maintenance technician performs routine maintenance and repairs in the workplace. Their duties are less technical than those of a maintenance engineer, but they still must be able to communicate effectively and plan their work. They must also be able to respond quickly to unexpected equipment problems. A high school education or equivalent is typically required. A third-level degree or an apprenticeship in a related field is also helpful. Some employers require at least two years of related experience in industrial maintenance.

Another name for a maintenance technician is a building maintenance worker. This position is focused on maintaining a building and its systems. A maintenance technician’s tasks in a smaller building may be similar to those of a handyman. However, the functions performed by maintenance workers in larger buildings can be more complex. For example, a building maintenance technician may have to learn more about electrical wiring, HVAC, plumbing, and mechanical systems.

Fixer Negri

As the handyman on Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood, Joe Negri was a familiar face to generations of children. But he was also a jazz guitar virtuoso. The 84-year-old recently released a new CD showcasing his fingerwork. While he may have never dreamed of becoming a professional jazz guitarist, Negri is still playing like he’s in his early twenties.

A talented musician, Handyman Negri regularly performs with his fellow Neighbors. He has performed guitar duets with King Friday XIII and Lady Elaine Fairchilde and serves as a guitar instructor for Prince Tuesday. He has even taken an active role in Neighborhood plays and operas. He also occasionally makes an appearance in the real Neighborhood.

Handyman Negri on Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood

Joe Negri is a guitarist, music instructor and icon in Pittsburgh. He is perhaps most famous as the man who played Handyman Negri on Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood. Negri met Fred Rogers when the two were working on a children’s television show, The Children’s Corner. The two quickly became friends, and Negri soon became an indispensable part of the show.

Despite his busy schedule, Joe Negri has also made his guitar career his top priority. After years of acting on the ’70s children’s TV series, Negri has been able to focus more on his guitar playing. His new CD, “A Touch of Negri,” highlights Negri’s jazz guitar playing.

Handyman Negri in The Smurfs

The character of Handyman Negri is a familiar one from Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood. Known for his guitar playing and singing, Negri is frequently called upon to help King Friday XIII with work around the Neighborhood. Despite his busy schedule, Handyman Negri tries to find time to talk to the other puppet characters.

Negri’s real name is Joe Negri. He is a jazz guitarist and owns a music shop called Negri’s Music Shop. The show’s rehearsal room features various musicians. Negri also acts as a good neighbour to the puppet characters and the neighbourhood’s other residents.

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